SAP is a global leader for business software and represents a considerable part of the world’s economic power grid, with offices in over 50 countries. At SAP in the Czech Republic, you’ll find jobs in a variety of roles and business disciplines.
Explore the career opportunities and see the competitive benefits that SAP in the Czech Republic can offer you.

At SAP in the Czech Republic, more than 600 employees work in our Prague and Brno offices. All of our locations are host to excellent business facilities and a comfortable working environment.

There are two offices near the Prague city center with easy connections to public transport and shopping. A nearby park and forest provide many leisure and sports activities.

In Prague, we are looking for new hires in finance, administration and human resources for the Business Services Centre Europe. These candidates will work closely with our colleagues in the Europe, Middle East & Africa region. We are also hiring in consulting and sales for our field organization.

In Brno, the office is located near the city center in the Spielberk office center. The development organization is based here, and we seek candidates for a variety of software development areas.

You can reach the Brno office easily by highway or railway. And for those who enjoy the outdoors, a bicycle path is available nearby, as well as a relaxing small park and lake right in the middle of this office complex.

Questions about careers at SAP in the Czech Republic? Contact:

For inquiries regarding current applications, please contact the SAP Careers team at +800-143-333. If you are calling from outside the Czech Republic, dial +420-257118-933.