SAP is a global leader for business software and represents a considerable part of the world’s economic power grid, with offices in over 50 countries. At SAP in Spain, you’ll find jobs in a variety of roles and business disciplines.
Explore the career opportunities, and see the competitive benefits that SAP in Spain can offer you.

Since 1987, SAP in Spain has made a strong, positive impact across Spain’s business and economic landscape. Our company has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao, including two international subdivisions: Inside Sales in Barcelona and the Global Support Center in Madrid.

SAP Spain’s mission is to help the country’s largest companies achieve international expansion. Bolstered by the strength of our impressive staff, SAP has made measurable contributions to the modernization of Spain, particularly in the area of management. SAP in Spain generates direct and indirect employment, and we are behind the remarkable evolution of many of the country’s public- and private-sector businesses.

SAP in Spain has a consolidated ecosystem within the country’s SME market. We work closely with 38 service partners and nearly 90 channel partners. We also have a large expert community to support local companies, as well as those located in other countries.

Known for its cultural diversity, commitment to environmental stewardship, and a strong sense of corporate social responsibility, SAP in Spain offers employees the opportunity to build careers that balance both professional and personal objectives. If you'd like to be part of an extraordinary team and work in a challenging and rewarding environment, we invite you to further explore how SAP in Spain can help you achieve your goals.

Questions about careers at SAP in Spain? Contact:

For inquiries regarding current applications, please contact the SAP Careers Team at 900 998 317. If you are calling from outside Spain, please call +34 9348 33596.