SAP is a global leader for business software and represents a considerable part of the world’s economic power grid, with offices in over 50 countries. At SAP in Sweden, you’ll find jobs in a variety of roles and business disciplines.
Explore the career opportunities and see the competitive benefits that SAP in Sweden can offer you.

SAP in Sweden was established in 1988 and is now the market leader in business software solutions in Sweden. Our vision is to help companies become best-run businesses, and we deliver solutions and services that give customers transparency across all aspects of their industries. In Sweden, we work with companies of all sizes and represent many different industries for which SAP has specific solutions.

We know that keeping employees fulfilled professionally is the key to their success and engagement. That is why we are committed to investing in your future and helping you meet your goals. At SAP, you will get the resources, tools, and training you need to achieve your full career potential. We have a unique company culture that combines the global company’s strength and support with small-company friendliness and team spirit.

SAP in Sweden has approximately 120 employees. We are a group of passionate, driven, and experienced people working primarily in sales, consulting, and customer service and support.

The SAP Sweden office is located by the sea at Alvik Strand, just outside the center of Stockholm.

Questions about careers at SAP in Sweden? Contact:

For inquiries regarding current applications, please contact the SAP Careers Team at 020 799 820. If you are calling from outside Sweden, please call +46 8 587 70061.