SAP is a global leader for business software and represents a considerable part of the world’s economic power grid, with offices in over 50 countries. At SAP in West Balkans, you’ll find jobs in a variety of roles and business disciplines.
Explore the career opportunities and see the competitive benefits that SAP in West Balkans can offer you.

With a well-established location in Belgrade, SAP in West Balkans is viewed as a serious player within emerging markets. Our training and education center in Belgrade is a hub for partners and employees to learn more about the latest SAP products and solutions.

SAP in West Balkans is a key area for growth and investment. We have an established local presence and are building upon our success with a range of opportunities for talented individuals who have the drive and ambition to meet the challenges and demands of modern-day business.

SAP in West Balkans encompasses an impressive market space that includes Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, and Albania. Our expansive network provides interesting and rewarding workplace opportunities for talented, skilled IT professionals.

“At SAP in West Balkans, we offer our customers a powerful combination of local expertise in Eastern European emerging markets with global, best-run business practices. We help companies around the world manage their businesses – and use their resources to ensure optimal success.” — Vladimir Popovic, Managing Director, SAP West Balkans.

SAP in West Balkans believes in investing in talented individuals to best showcase their skills, optimize their personal development, and, ultimately, lead the company to greater successes.

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