SAP is dedicated to making a difference. We believe
that every company should strive to improve their own sustainability efforts and make an impact on their
local communities.

After all, being a good corporate citizen isn’t just something you say. It’s something you do.


SAP is in a unique position to help businesses worldwide achieve their sustainability objectives through the use of information technology. In fact, we believe that every company has a responsibility to make their operations more sustainable.

To help nurture this change, we are focused on helping companies manage resources efficiently and responsibly by optimizing and transforming their business processes.

We’re not only helping our customers green their operations, we’re also looking to improve our own sustainability efforts. Which is why we’ve set aggressive targets for carbon reduction by 2020 and are already outpacing our plan.

Since 2007, we reduced our total carbon footprint by 10%. We’re proud of our commitment to sustainability, as well as the recognition we’re receiving, for example from the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes since 1999, in which SAP was noted for leading the software sector for the past seven years.

To read more about our latest initiatives, take a look at our SAP Sustainability Report. You’ll find our latest efforts to improve corporate environmental, social, and governance performance. You’ll also learn about upcoming products and initiatives designed to help our customers advance and support sustainable operations.

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