Finding the right balance between your personal and professional lives can be tricky. That’s why SAP offers a range of flexible options, including adjustable work hours, sabbaticals, and even the opportunity to telecommute.

After all, it’s your life. We believe you should have the opportunity to live it in the way you please.


As a child, Agnieszka spent many family vacations in the mountains of Poland and Slovakia. But a recent trekking holiday in Nepal fueled her dream to climb Mount Everest—a goal that Agnieszka and her husband began training for with an arduous fitness program.

After her SAP managers approved a two-month leave, Agnieszka set off for the climb. Although the harsh altitude forced her husband to remain in a lower camp, Agnieszka made it to the summit and reveled in the unique feeling of being at the top of the world.

“The mountain changes you. After all, up there you get to see the world, which puts things in perspective. I am grateful to my managers at SAP for being flexible and for helping make my goal happen. Even in everyday life, wild dreams can come true.” — Agnieszka